Why Global Matters

April 5, 2016

What does it take to be a top producer in the electronic distribution world? It requires capital and the ability to float inventory. It requires unmatched personnel with a drive to succeed. And it certainly requires being a global company. So what exactly is a global company?

To start, it is essential to note the difference between international and global. International indicates having a presence in several countries. Similarly, global requires a presence in several countries – the difference being the ability to connect each international office with seamless efficiency. Furthermore, international companies have each office location focused regionally, whereas in a global setting each office is working together on a regular basis and is providing global support within different regions. Global requires each office working towards the same goals, and being on the same page.

Having a global distribution company is more than just the ability to source for parts around the world. Being global allows a company to have access to unique talent within different cultures. Thus they are able to communicate in a way with which their clients are accustomed. On the flip side to this, while each office will have a distinct feel, the overall standards and goals of the company will remain uniform throughout the different locations. There needs to be a consistency between the offices.

Many companies can be international, few can be fully global. Listed at #14 on the Global Purchasing’s Top 50 distributors, Fusion Worldwide is a company with a truly global footprint. With three fully staffed offices that are strategically placed, Fusion is able to respond to customers 24 hours a day all around the globe. Beyond three staffed offices, they also provide three global shipment hubs. This way they are able to source for parts globally, and ship locally. What links all these international locations is a house built software that provides seamless communication across the board; allowing each office to have access to all the same information in real time.

With locations in Boston, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hong Kong and software that allows for constant contact and shared information, Fusion Worldwide has proven to be a global company. While no easy feat to achieve and maintain, this global presence is the backbone to the outstanding reputation Fusion has built.

What does this mean for Fusion’s customers?

As a result of their 3 global locations, there is always someone from Fusion available; the sun truly never sets on Fusion Worldwide. Having someone available 24 hours a day allows customers easy access to a solution should a hot requirement or immediate need arise. It also means Fusion’s customers are able to communicate in the language they prefer.

Fusion exists to fill in gaps in the supply chain that are not always expected – which is why time is always of the essence. Recognizing this, Fusion has created three different shipment hubs. This ability to ship from different points around the globe results in shortened lead times. Another way their customers benefit is through cost savings. Sourcing and negotiating pricing around the globe (and clock) is a huge benefit for customers; not to mention should something go wrong they can be at a customer or vendor site quickly.

What does this mean for Fusion and its employees?

With a record breaking year, coming in at 340MM USD it is clear Fusion, as a company, is benefiting too. This $340MM revenue mark got them listed as the 2nd largest independent distributor globally, as well as #14 distributor overall. Being able to attract talent from around the world ensures that Fusion has the most innovative, diverse, and capable personnel. Employees not only get to work for a global company, but really experience it first-hand; meaning each office is in constant contact with the other locations on a daily basis. Every requirement put in by a salesperson is seen by all three global buying teams. Their in-house CRM, SCOUT allows for easy and continuous communication. A salesperson in the Boston office can put in a requirement and it is immediately available to the other global locations. SCOUT is constantly being updated, with input from a global workforce. This software gives Fusion a huge leg up on the competition: it allows employees to remain on the same page regardless of location with all information readily available.

To sum it up

Being a truly global company gives Fusion Worldwide an advantage. Fusion has seen success from investing in diverse, multilingual employees; and also has created a unique, stimulating working environment for them. Due to strategic locations, diverse employees, and one-of-a-kind software, Fusion Worldwide not only remains a top producer in the industry, but continues to improve the standards of their customers and competitors.