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Inventory Management

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Creating a Successful Inventory Management Program

Fusion Worldwide’s inventory management program is customized to suit your business’s needs. The nature of the electronic component industry is cyclical, which means every customer’s specific needs vary depending on the state of the market. Customers have asked us to manage inventory for the following reasons:

Inventory and Consumption Disparities

We balance your ongoing need for a product with the strategic need for a guaranteed supply over time, bringing better alignment between ownership and consumption.

EOL or Last-Time Buy Strategies

We help coordinate upfront material purchases to cover your long-term demand.

Enhanced Cash Flow

Offloading your inventory to Fusion to be repurchased over time helps to improve your company’s cash flow and alleviates potential credit issues.

Hold Buffer Stock

Supply risk or unexpected demand may create the need to have additional inventory available. We help you hedge risk and capitalize on opportunities in the event of renewed demand.

Protect Against Price Increases

Advanced purchases of material above short-term forecast needs can help to lock in pricing. Storing that material with Fusion alleviates the burden of carrying it.

Unified Distribution

Fusion’s hubs ensure materials are handled solely in our facilities, enabling easy and efficient distribution to different manufacturing locations.

Mitigate Excess

Fusion Worldwide makes mitigating excess supply easy by holding inventory for you. Having a trusted partner during instances of imbalance between supply and demand diminishes instability and allows for smoother business operations.