Fusion Worldwide's Hong Kong facility still up and running

Industry News 09.04.2019

Fusion Worldwide’s Hong Kong facility still up and running

On Sept. 4, CNN reported Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, would be formally withdrawing the extradition bill. However, there is speculation that this will not quell protesters.  

Over the past weekend, the protests worsened with police using pepper spray and other tactics to break up the protests, which spread to a subway station and the airport.  The civil unrest in Hong Kong has been building since earlier this year with protestors believing mainland China has breached the country’s motto “one country, two systems.” 

So far, the protests have not affected commerce, and airport protests have only affected passenger planes – not planes carrying cargo.  

Currently, Fusion Worldwide’s logistics hub is not experiencing any slowdowns. Should there be any interference, the company has a contingency plan to quickly move personnel and product to Europe and the Americas logistics and quality hubs. 

Fusion Worldwide is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to keep customers apprised if the protests begin to affect the company’s Hong Kong location. 


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