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Fusion Worldwide receives AS6081 certification

Company News 12.30.2019

BOSTON, MA – Fusion Worldwide, a global technology sourcing distributor, announced its newest achievement of receiving the SAE AS6081 quality certification. The AS6081 is an aerospace management standard, which establishes requirements and practices to mitigate the risk of buying, receiving and selling fraudulent/counterfeit parts.

“Achieving the AS6081 certification is a real accomplishment,” states Paul Romano, COO at Fusion Worldwide. “It is the recognition of excellence of Fusion Worldwide’s processes, training, equipment and especially people who perform the procurement, inspection and testing globally for our customers.”

This milestone is a major move for Fusion Worldwide as it continuously raises quality standards on its mission to solve supply chain shocks.

“Adding the AS6081 certification to the long list of certifications we maintain helps us continue to build the partnership we have with our customers and the trust they put in us,” Romano further acknowledged.

To learn more about the AS6081 certification, click here.


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