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Filecoin gains traction as the next Bitcoin

News 06.25.2020

With Bitcoin Halving in May 2020, Filecoin (FIL) has lured in crypto miners and builders, particularly in China. The buzz its market entrance has sparked has created a sudden demand of key components like memory, CPU, HDD and GPU for the mining servers.

FIL mining is based on the amount of empty HDD space a user commits to its network. As such, this will drive more demand on high capacity Enterprise HDDs (12TB, 14TB & 16TB). High-capacity SSDs are another mining option; however, their price is higher than the HDDs.

We are also hearing that AMD EPYC Rome server CPUs are moving well among FIL miners. If the intrigue continues, we should be seeing more transactions on these server CPUs in the coming months, and it could be the next Bitcoin many crypto users are banking on.


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