Employee Spotlight: In the new Munich office with Sebastian Faesecke

November 26, 2019

How long have you been with Fusion Worldwide?
I joined the Fusion Family on the 1st of January 2019.

You are located in the new Munich office, what’s your favorite thing about working there?
The Munich office opened in October 2018, so the location and the people are all new. We work cohesively – from discussing the best ways to approach customer or information inquiries to closing an order. We celebrate each deal closed with a fist bump.

What were you doing before you worked at Fusion?
I worked in the processing department at a BMW dealership. Everyday was the same and it got old.

At Fusion Worldwide, every day is different. I get to help customers solve problems from a part being short to having excess product.

What’s one of your favorite stories so far at Fusion?
At Fusion, reps succeed by building strong relationships. I recently called on a prospect who after talking with each other, we learned we were schoolmates. It’s neat to still know each other after 7 years.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?
Most people think they can only use the open market during shortages. Trying to change this perception can be tough, but I’ve learned that if I can discuss our value-added services, then it begins to change customers and prospects thinking.

I was able to do this recently, and a customer started sending reqs!

What is your work mantra?
You didn’t come this far to only come this far. I apply this at Fusion by not focusing on just selling a part one time but continuing to build relationships.

In your mind, what sets Fusion apart from other sourcing distributors?
The way we handle all the challenges our customers are facing daily. We are not the ones calling to sell them some parts. We are their value-added partner.

When have you laughed the hardest since working at Fusion?
We did an outing to Oktoberfest where we wore lederhosen, drank beer, ate lots of food and danced on the tables.

What’s the best Fusion memory you’ve had so far?
I closed my first order in February – just 6 weeks after I started, and it was actually two different orders on same day from two different customers.

What’s the best part of working at Fusion Worldwide?
One of the best things is that in EMEA we are talking to Asia in the morning, and then in the afternoon the US. We are glued together despite being on different continents – it’s like we really know each other because talking to each other regularly, virtually.

What’s your personal goal a year from now? 
I want to grow more into account manager role. Make more customer visits, make more phone calls and build relationships with customers.