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Coronavirus Statement

News 02.05.2020

Fusion Worldwide is closely monitoring the developments around the coronavirus outbreak in China, and its impact on the electronics supply chain. With daily updates provided by our teams in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, we have developed plans should the outbreak significantly worsen. As customers and suppliers return from the extended Chinese New Year holiday, we will provide more up to the minute information on the outbreak’s global impact on customer supply chains. Although various companies are being restricted from operating in certain cities, Hong Kong is still operating.

Fusion Worldwide is currently shipping out of all warehouses, including the Hong Kong facility, with no restrictions.

Recent developments:

  • CNN reported that the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing after another major spike in confirmed cases and deaths in Wuhan, China, the region that is at the heart of the epidemic.
  • It has been reported that 21 of China’s 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have extended the shutdown as business are restricted from resuming until after February 10, 2020.

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