Behind the Scenes in Singapore with Fusion Worldwide’s Daisy Chen

October 22, 2018

Meet Daisy Chen, a core “component” of Fusion Worldwide’s backbone, bringing the company’s mission to life every day in her role as purchasing executive. Based in the Singapore office, Daisy serves as a liaison between suppliers and Fusion sales teams across the globe to source, stock and deliver crucial information that keeps business booming. With seven years of industry experience, Daisy thrives off effective communication and building strong partnerships to get the job done. Let’s dive into her role.




Q: How long have you been with Fusion?

A: 3 years

Q: What does a day in the life of a purchasing executive at Fusion look like?

A: A day in the life of a purchasing executive involves calling on vendors to exchange market or product information. The information is then conveyed to the sales floor to construct a deal. Such information includes pricing, inventory levels and delivery schedules. Calling on suppliers regularly and having informal conversations plays an important role in developing relationships. Regular interaction with suppliers enables me to identify opportunities that translate into orders on a daily basis.

Q: What were you doing before you took on your current role? What brought on the change?

A: Before I joined Fusion, I held an international sales lead post. I was in another company in a similar industry. Then, my husband used to travel regularly, and I would accompany him on trips. On one trip to Singapore, I came across a job opening at Fusion through social media. With my seven years of industry experience, I thought I stood a good chance and went for it.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working out of Fusion’s Singapore Office?

A:  My favorite thing would be interacting with different types of personalities. I interact with different people from the Singapore, Europe and USA offices. People across regions have different cultures and habits. Such interaction allows me to understand people of different cultures and equip me with the skills to communicate efficiently with all.

Q: What is the biggest challenge that you face working at a global company like Fusion?

A: Changing market conditions is a big challenge. Demand always changes, and I must always be ahead of things so that I can capture opportunities fast. As we cannot predict future demand, I need to have a good social network with a huge vendor base to succeed in long term.

Q: How have you seen the supply chain shift in the last six years, and how has Fusion directly impacted it?

A: Supply chain dynamics change with mergers and acquisitions. All of these mergers and acquisitions affect distributorships. With every episode, we need to redefine the supply channels of each line card.

Q: What are some of your career milestones/accomplishments?

A: I was in President’s Club in my second year at Fusion. More recently, I have become the top producing buyer in my commodity.

Q: What is your work mantra?

A: Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.

Q: Anything else to add about the company and how it’s developed your career?

A: I strive to communicate well with people at all levels and departments. I believe that good communication empowers me with more information that can be translated into business opportunities.

Q: In your mind, what sets Fusion apart from other distributors?


1) Great teamwork.
2) Great staff who are enthusiastic and effective in communication.
3) Great management team who are directly involved in our line of work. They listen to us and value our feedback.

Q: What’s one thing you wish people knew about your job?

A: I wished people knew how enriching my job is. I talk to people from all walks of life and learn new things every day.