Fusion Worldwide continues Americas expansion to meet customer demands

Company News 12.17.2019

BOSTON, MA, USA (Dec. 17, 2019) – One of the primary 2019 strategies for Fusion Worldwide was to continue its global expansion in strategic markets. After opening offices in Germany and South Korea earlier this year, the company, which is the premier open-market distributor of electronic components, has now expanded its Americas division by opening offices in Guadalajara, Mexico and Austin, Texas.

“We have been keeping an eye on where we can provide the most value in emerging markets and meet our customers where they are. Offices in the Americas, Guadalajara and Austin help us achieve each of those goals,” said Peter LeSaffre, CEO of Fusion Worldwide.

With the technology sector growing nearly 25 percent in the past five years, Austin has been deemed one of the next Silicon Valley tech hubs. “It seems each month there is news of technology companies moving to Austin, with Apple being the latest. We now provide local service to these companies and our existing partners,” added Regional Business Development Director, Jason Bresler, who is leading the Austin office.

Manufacturing represents 17 percent of Mexico’s GDP, and is expected to continue growing. “Because of its proximity to the United States, we see manufacturers in electronics, automotive, aerospace and others building facilities here. Fusion is committed to being near our customers, and we are now close by to more quickly meet their needs,” said Fernando Esquer, regional sales director of Mexico.

Founded in 2001, Fusion Worldwide has created a hub and spoke model with its global headquarters in Boston and regional headquarters in Amsterdam and Singapore. In the past 5 years, the organization has added seven offices around the hubs, and a quality and logistics facility on each continent.


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