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At Fusion Worldwide, we have spent more than 20 years sourcing electronic components for our customers. We use our supplier network to help resolve supply chain imbalances and keep your business on track. Whether solving for fluctuating pricing or lengthy lead times, Fusion is here to help you and your business pivot and react to changes quickly.

What Fusion Offers

Real-Time Market Information

Real-Time Market Information

Our sourcing team is constantly monitoring the electronic component and finished product markets through our proprietary software Scout™ so we can work alongside you to ensure the effect on your business is minimized.

Consultative Service

Consultative Service

Since 2001, Fusion Worldwide has partnered with customers to manage their supply chain challenges. Our global team of industry experts are committed to keeping clients informed of market changes and crafting custom solutions in response to each client’s needs.

Global Network

Global Network

As one of the world’s largest independent distributors, Fusion Worldwide has an established global network of suppliers. We can find the hardest-to-find electronic components and products to get you what you need when you need it — when others can’t.


Fusion’s offices and logistics facilities are strategically located, worldwide, to serve you faster.

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